An artisan baker is a craftsman who works with flour, water and salt rather than clay, stone or paint to create a work of art. And while the basic elements are the same and available to anyone, it's the personal knowledge, experience and talent of the baker that helps create his own signature artisan breads.

OC Baking Company's award-winning executive artisan baker Dean Kim has been baking handcrafted breads for many of Southern California's leading hotels and restaurants for nearly 18 years. He works hand-in-hand with chefs to create artisan breads that complement their meals. Artisan breads, like fine wine and cheese, each have their own aromas, taste and structure that impact the overall taste of the food and wine.

OC Baking Company is dedicated to producing "the ultimate in artisan breads" for its customers that are as unique as the meals with which they are serving.

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